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How it all started

From illness to wellbeing

Mathilda Irawan has loved food since the day she was born in Indonesia. At the young age of seven months, she had her first spicy Indonesian dish and was hooked on tasty and spicy food since. At the age of 14, her parents sent her to Western Australia to escape religious and political instability. She graduated high school from Perth, WA with honours. Her family reunited in Toronto, Canada, where she continued her education at the University of Toronto, majoring in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology. To help her parents, she worked retail jobs to pay for her university education.

She has always loved experimenting in the kitchen, from baking and cake decorating to cooking multicultural dishes. In 2016, Mathilda co-founded Alam Yoga and Wellness, which she is now the sole owner of. Through her weight management program at Alam Yoga and Wellness, she coaches clients to make small, sustainable changes to release excess weight holistically. Clients in her program get reimbursed after achieving their goals. Her approach is holistic and healthy, looking at the complete Self: mental, emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. She practices what she preaches, having released 50 lbs of excess weight herself by NOT trying to lose weight. She is also the hypno-yoga lady, where she believes that mindful movement, breathing, and meditation are at the core of healing and fitness (inside and out).

Her belief is that we can be strong without exhausting and torturing the body. Movement should be enjoyable and promote long term health. Her yoga teaching focuses on the basic issues that must first be addressed before doing anything else. She is the expert on healing back injuries, living with scoliosis, and realigning the body to perform better in all areas. 

She is always sharing her kitchen creations with friends and family as she finds much joy in nourishing people. After looking after the sick and handicapped in the community and nursing homes, she started developing injuries and illnesses in her mid twenties that set her back mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Witnessing how broken the sick care system is and the devastating reality that people are getting sicker and sicker, she chose to heal herself through a holistic approach, using her training in hypnotherapy and yoga.

She witnessed that not many people ever get off medications once prescribed. She is not interested in managing symptoms; her goal is to heal the root cause and reverse diseases. After overcoming her own health struggles, she is on a mission to get the community healthy and vibrant, starting with their plates. She is here to show people that plant-based foods are healthy AND delicious. And it's a win win not just for our health, but for the animals and the environment too.

In June 2018, Mathilda started Alam Catering as a project and an experiment, where she launched different multicultural dishes for people to pre-order. The universe works in incredible ways. She took over Nourished On The Go in August 2018 as Chef Gabriella Budani returned to school; carrying on the legacy of plant-based eating in Oshawa under MATHILDA'S. The menu is unique and delicious yet low in fat and much healthier than the traditional take on the dishes. 

In June 2019, Mathilda’s moved to a bigger space across the street and is now able to seat people and cater events and celebrations.

She is an advocate for finding balance and ease between healthy eating, mindful movement, and joyful living. 

Over the years, she has improved her original recipes, making many of them gluten free, refined-sugar free, oil free, and overall much more conducive to healing. Her cookbook is on the way. Stay tuned for the release date. 


Order your micro greens from  Mindful Urban Farm  and pick up at our location. They’re the BEST and FRESHEST tasting nutrient-packed goodness you’ll ever taste!

Order your micro greens from Mindful Urban Farm and pick up at our location. They’re the BEST and FRESHEST tasting nutrient-packed goodness you’ll ever taste!

Located in the core of downtown Oshawa, Mathilda's will surprise your taste buds and make you rethink food as you know it. We know how busy you are. To ensure that you take good care of your holy temple aka the body, we offer healthy mindful meals that you can get fresh in-store or frozen. Our meals are designed to help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce inflammation, and promote gut health. 

We sell vegan supplies (yes, you can get canned jack fruit here), delicious vegan cheezes, dressings, kimchi, vegan chocolates, jerky, toothpaste, noodles, and frozen meals such as: pizza pockets, gluten free lasagna, “meat” loaf, burger patties, sausages, sausage rolls, soup, rice dishes, etc. 

We sell Beyond Meat Burger patties and sausages (Brat, Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian). They are gluten and soy free and are made with pea protein.


We have Organic Raw Vegan desserts made by  Twenty1

We have Organic Raw Vegan desserts made by Twenty1

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